Benefits to Staff

Fully integrated case management system, allows Case Managers to move clients through a full suite of services from orientation to employment

  • Real time dashboard advises of actions required on individual Client files
  • Centralized location for documenting Clients whole case file including program notes
  • Set-up, calculate and process all payments for Clients in just a few quick steps
  • Update Clients action plans in seconds; have action plans updated automatically based on other actions
  • Make referrals for specialized assessments, placement services and/or self-employment from directly within B2W
  • No requirement for repetitive data entry
  • Track Client follow-ups such as for training and employment
  • Export Client caseload reports for an overall summary of caseload
  • Get notifications when specialized service providers complete a service and send you an invoice
  • Quickly find community supports for Clients

“B2W is far easier to learn, absorb, use and navigate than previous software that I have utilized in my 12 years of Employment Service Experience.” ~Case Manager

“The best part of B2W is that it is very easy to get your billables. With a click of one button you can complete your billable (instead of doing multiple steps to complete)! ~Case Manager

“It’s easier to use then ICM and I like how easy it is to use! The reminders are very helpful. ~Case Manager