Benefits to Service Providers

B2W allows Service Providers to have real-time information of all aspects of managing their Employment Service Centre from what clients are in your building accessing which services to caseload numbers to financial data.

  • Capable of electronic data entry into ICM;
  • Up to date financial data for VSF and FSPS;
  • Links Case Manager deliverables directly to ICM and your accounting system;
  • Real time KPI reporting for effective business management;
  • Improves time management and reduces administrative processes, allowing for greater Case Manager – Client interaction.

“Accessing some of the reporting features on a regular basis throughout the month helps me stay on top of things like caseload distribution, performance, outcomes and how our ESC is being used by the clients we serve.” ~Employment Service Centre Manager

“The flow of B2W just makes sense! … EPBC policy and quality assurance criteria drives the functionality for the end user. The database provides some prompts when there is information missing that prevents submitting a service for billing. I don’t have to spend time I may not have to figure out what was missed or have to go back to correct a whole string of errors that were caused by the initial mistake or oversight.” ~Employment Service Centre Manager

“I appreciate being able to search client files using a number of different filters, allows me to drill down to find exactly what I am looking for.    The reporting features are comprehensive and easy to use.    Having an ability to generate a list of who has logged into the ESC at any given time in the event of an emergency using my smartphone is a brilliant design feature.” ~Employment Service Centre program Coordinator